Scientific publications

The Technology of Controlled Deep-Penetrating Perforation by Radial Drilling of Channels using the Technical System “Perfobore” for Production Stimulation of Reservoirs

Optimization of the Configuration of the Power Sections of Special Small-Sized Positive Displacement Motors for Deep-Penetrating Perforation Using the Technical System “Perfobore”

Anti-Vibration – Stabilizing Drill Bottomhole Assembly for «Perfobore» Technical System

Combination of Radial Drilling Technology with Acid Jetting: New Approach in Carbonate Reservoir Stimulation

High-tech development of subsurface resources: radial opening of a productive formation

Forecasting the risks of jamming to exclude the possibility of stitching the technical system «Perfobore» while drilling branched channels in terrigenous reservoirs

The beginning of extensive work on the implementation of the “Perfobore” radial drilling technology

Methodology for calculating technical efficiency of power sections in small-sized screw downhole motors for the «Perfobore» system

Coiled tubing sidetracking

Horizontal wells: from daring experiment to traditional technology

Development of an innovative radial drilling system for enhanced oil recovery

Creation of the “Perfobore” system and investigation of its operation in a strongly curved channel with forced longitudinal vibrations

Choice the valid radius of curvature for drilling small diameter channels by the Perfodrill technical system

Analytical synthesis of basic units “Perfobore” of increased reliability for drilling extra-long channels along the predicted trajectory

Analytical studies of the peculiarities of the “Perfobore” arrangement in a curved channel of small diameter and radius of curvature

Technique and tools for creating deep perforation channels

Improvement of the technology of completion and well development