New approach to controlled reservoir access and stimulation

Introducing technological, managerial and scientific innovations into business processes

Utilising best available technologies worldwide. Supporting innovative mindsets among employees in cooperation with scientists

Strategic partnerships development. Introducing our technology throughout global markets

Jobs completed


Laterals drilled

Perfobore was founded by specialists with 30 years of experience in developing new technologies in wells drilling and stimulation

Lee Dolman
Technical Advisor and International Business Development
Heba Filobbos
Head of Strategy
Ilya Galas
Business development, strategy & planning, IR
Ilya Lyagov
Research and development
Kirill Furman
Business development in Kazakhstan
Airat Bashirov
Business development in Uzbekistan

We create conditions for exchanging cutting-edge expertise. Making sure the working environment is safe and comfortable. Improving motivation and reward systems. Promoting career opportunities

Company history

Perfobore foundation
First field trials
First commercial trials

Developing domestic territories

We conduct business responsibly in the regions of presence, supporting sustainable socio-economic development and ensuring social stability

Complying with high environmental standards

We conserve resources and minimise negative impact on the environment from our core activities