Testing of a new technology in field conditions

In 2019, the company “Perfobur” developed and tested in field conditions the technology of hydromonitoring development of non-cased channels with a hydrochloric acid solution after branched-directional drilling of multi-barrel channels using the technical system (TS) “Perfobur”.

2 channels with a length of 7 m and 2 channels of 14 m each were drilled at the wells. After drilling each channel, inclinometry studies were carried out to confirm the design trajectory of the reservoir. After that, a point COEX system was carried out in each channel through a hydromonitor nozzle designed by LLC “Perfobur” according to the “spruce branch”scheme.

18.5 m3and 48 m3acids were injected into the wells, respectively. During the drilling of the channels, a non-removable anchor module was used, which will allow entering the channels many times in the future for their repair, for example, with a layout with a hydromonitor nozzle “Perfobur” for acid treatments.