Successful installation of the slot filter in the drilled radial channel

The technical system “Perfobur” for installing filters has successfully passed borehole tests. For the first time in world practice, it was possible to install a small-sized slit filter in a highly curved radial channel. The work was carried out at the well of the northernmost and one of the largest oil and gas condensate fields of hydrocarbons being developed on the Yamal Peninsula.

The specialists of the company “Perfobur” milled a window in the casing, drilled a channel along a controlled tractor, recorded the trajectory with special geophysical equipment (the calculated and actual trajectories coincided), then lowered a special filter and installed it.

The Perfobur company confirmed the operability of the new equipment, and also demonstrated the high professionalism of its employees.

One of the distinctive features of the “Perfobur” technology is the possibility of multiple entry into the drilled channel, which allows for the descent and installation of specially designed filters into the channel.

The casing of the channels with special filters prevents the shedding of the channel, and also increases the inter-repair