About company Перфобур

Perfobur LLC is an expert in introducing radial well drilling technology, which is rapidly developing in the world and Russian markets. Our company specializes in a new, reliable approach to radial drilling.

Thanks to a team of specialists from our own technical design department with more than 30 years of experience in developing new technologies in drilling and stimulation of wells, a unique technology of controlled mechanical drilling of radial channels was created.

The Perfobur technology opens up the possibility of drilling radial channels with stable trajectory in open and cased borehole with a production string diameter of 139.7 mm.

Our history in dates
the beginning of the technology development
the first prototype has been developed and successfully bench tested
series of well tests jointly with “Bashneft”
first commercial works

Company: Bashneft

Object: 3 wells, carbonate reservoir, oil, depth up to 2000 m

Date of works: 01.03.2019 - 01.10.2019

Works plan: the transition to the overlying interval by drilling two 7-14 meters channels

Results achieved: 

1. Qf + 3,8 m3 /day, Qo + 1,5 t /day, water cut 57%
2. Qf + 12 m3 /day, Qo + 3,9 t /day, water cut 62%
3. Qf + 51 m3 /day, Qo + 41 t /day, water cut 11%

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Company: Novatek

Object: 1 well, terrigenous reservoir, gas, depth 3200 m

Date of works: 15.08.2019

Works plan: combination with RIW on isolation of behind-the-casing flow. Drilling 1 channel 15 m long

Results achieved: 

1. Qg + 50 ths. m3 /day


Company: Nokratoil

Object: 1 well, carbonate reservoir, oil, depth 1000 m

Date of works:  16.01.2019

Works plan: overcoming damage zone with 1 channel of 7 meters

Results achieved: 

1. Qf + 4,4 m3 /day

The average increase in flowrate -
2 times
Work performed -
Drilled channels -
The largest increase in flow rate -
51 m³, 41t
Company mission and values
Reliable partnership
A reliable partner for consumers all over the world. We are developing a strategic partnership both in the Russian and international markets.
Innovative development
We use the best available technologies in Russia and in the world. We implement technological, management and scientific innovations in business processes. We support the innovation among the employees and cooperation with scientists.
Labor safety
We create favorable and safe conditions, we make safe behavior at work, we increase responsibility to provide labor protection at the enterprises of Holding Company «SDS».
Environmental safety
We master resources with care, reduce the negative impact on the environment and the ecological consequences of the main activity. We strive for meeting the highest ecological standards.
Development of human potential
We create the necessary conditions for professional development of employees and exchange of best practices. We strictly observe the legitimate rights of workers, improve the quality of working conditions and the effectiveness of the motivation system. We implement social support programs for employees and their families.
Development of territories
Consistently implement a balanced social policy, responsibly conduct business in the regions of presence and ensure social stability. We contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of the regions of presence and the country in general.